Sunday, July 03, 2005


I have a NEW job and I love it already! I ditched the State of NC and accepted an offer from a local healthcare IT company. This company and I have been dancing ever since I met them at a job fair early this year. I even wrote about the experience.

The amazing thing is that the recruiter I trashed for not giving my “functional resume” a chance is the same one who passed my name along to the hiring manager. That manager called me in for an interview and I didn’t get hired the first time around or the second, but I must have impressed him somewhere along the line because eventually he made something happen for me.

So now, I offer this apology to Ms Recruiter:

Dear Recruiteratthecompanythatjusthiredme,

You don’t know me exactly, but I said some unflattering things about you in my blog. I apologize for this. You helped me in a way which I can only repay by helping our company succeed in any way I can, plus 20 push-ups. I plan on doing 3-a-day for a week (most likely one just before every meal), which gives you a bonus push-up. Why? Because doing that extra push-up demonstrates that I will exceed whatever goal is placed in front of me. Not by much, but what do you expect from a guy with a crappy resume? I'll get started on those push-ups right after the 4th of July.

Looking back, I realize how angry I was – not at you, but at my situation. I’d been out of work for almost 3 years and was tired of seeing the looks on people’s faces when I explained what I did during that time. I could’ve told them I had a sex-change operation or that I was a killer for hire and they wouldn’t have cared, but “stay-at-home Dad” raised all sorts of suspicion. I guess I was expecting the same rejection from you, so my account of our meeting turned into a tirade.

I want you to know that I’ve learned from my experience and from now on I’ll only pick on people who deserve it, like Tom Cruise. WTF is with that guy anyway? I suppose if I was divorced, independently wealthy and nailing a girl half my age I’d be jumping up and down on a couch, too! Of course, I’d do it at home so I wouldn’t look like an idiot in front of half the world.

See you at orientation!


NC Steve

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